Fernando Ávila Murillo


Maestro Tequilero Casa Sauza

Phones: (52)(374)7427100 Ext. 206, work; (52)(33)16013661 movil.

E-mail: Fernando.avila@beamsuntory.com work, fam55.FAM@gmail.com personal.


I have eighteen years’ experience in Agave-Tequila matters as a consultant for Tequila Sauza, Casa Herradura, Consejo Regulador del Tequila y Cámara Nacional de la Industria Tequilera.

I led a Project for Tequila Sauza that earned third place in The National Technological Innovation Award in 2002.

As the leader of the Sauza Quality Team, I received from the President of México the National Quality Award given to Tequila Sauza in 2009.

I was named best leader (in collaboration) in México by the Great Place to Work Institute in 2016.

I was Quality Assurance Manager in Tequila Sauza from 2008-2014. My current position is Manufacturing Development Manager comprising the areas of Quality, Environment, Health, Safety, R&D and One Beam Way, also, I am senior taster and Master Distiller for Tequila Sauza.


Birth date: August 13, 1955.

Family: Married (wife Zaida) with 2 sons (David 20, Alejandro 17) and one daughter (Denisse 15). Have two sons (Andres 40, Eduardo 31) from first marriage.

Hobbies: Traveling, food and wine, reading, music.

Languages: bilingual Spanish-English

I am certified as Professional Sommelier, European Sommelier Professional and Master Wine Sommelier by Escuela Española de Sommeliers in Barcelona and by the European School for Sommeliers.

I am Certified in Enology and Viticulture by Davis University

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